Things are looking up!

The first thing to remember is that sex should be fun. We are meant to enjoy it. Talk to your partner, explain the problems and ask them to help. Getting and maintaining an erection is a joint exercise, unless you're still young and fit enough that it appears at the most inconvenient times, which means you have no need to read this page:)

You may not be the sex God you used to be but you can still have a very meaningful and enjoyable sex life. I went through 15 miserable years with a partner who wasn't able to understand my problems and certainly wasn't interested in helping with solutions. My current partner has helped me enormously and once the psychological problems disappear you're half way towards solving the physical problems too. Each of the products below will work for some but not all, so keep experimenting.

Viagra is one of the best know medicines for erectile dysfunction but it only works for around two thirds of sufferers and it does have its downside. First of all, your little fella doesn't suddenly pop up and hit you in the belly, you have to help it along (or someone does) with a bit of hand or mouth action. You may get headaches and you might see everything in a shade of blue, don't ask me why, it just does. There are other similar pills but they all work in much the same way.

Don't, under any circumstances, buy off the web. Chances are the pills will be fake and do nothing or they could seriously harm you. Just because it says its Viagra, it doesn't mean it is. The web is full of fake everything.

If you want Viagra, go and see your doctor

Cialis is similar to Viagra but can be taken daily. It also solves some of the problems associated with Tamsulosin. (If you have a prostate problem you'll know what I mean.)

Talk to your doctor and be open and honest, he or she is there to help.

There are many herbal remedies on the web and none of them are likely to do you much good. They have names that would have you believe your John Thomas will hit the roof . One says "Instant firm erections". If only it could work like that, but I can promise you it wont. I've tried quite a few in my time. What is important is a good balanced diet and maybe a vitamin supplement. It all helps.

Now we come to the real and one of the best natural results you can get in my opinion. The vacuum pump removes air from the cylinder in which is contained your precious possession. As the air goes out, the space has to be filled with something, and in this case its your penis. These machines can be quite fiddly to get used to, so read the instructions carefully, its no fun seeing and feeling your balls dragged into the glass tube, and it hurts! Take it gradually in short bursts and give time for your old man to expand. And use plenty of KY or similar, unless you want to feel the head scraping along the tube, ouch!

Don't buy cheap, there's absolutely no point. Cheaper ones are not very effective and you'll waste your money. Around £50 should get you a good quality electric version.

This is the most important piece of kit -the constriction ring. There's a number of different types and they are inexpensive, so try them all to see which suits you best. This little device, the lasso, slips over your penis, positioned right at the base and tightened gradually as you get "pumped up". The lasso will reduce the blood flow out, keeping your John Thomas erect. Without it, all that pumping (or fondling!) has been wasted. Don't leave your penis constricted for more than 30 minutes or if it starts to feels uncomfortable.

I've used this product very successfully in combination with Cialis. With gentle persuasion from your lady and as your penis increases in stiffness start to tighten a little and a little more as you grow. Blood will continue to flow in and the constriction ring will stop it flowing out. Just one word of warning: with all that constricting your orgasm can feel a bit odd so I'd suggest releasing it just before you cum. OK, it may all seem a fiddle but its a hell of a lot better than no sex isn't it? Make it a game with your lady and all will be well. Just a couple more tips; used carefully on your finger it can work as a clitoral stimulator, or two can act as gentle nipple rings, yep I've tried all that too;)

How about that, three toys in one for a few quid!


Here's another ring style, very stretchy silicone rings of various sizes which can fit at the base of the penis, behind the head or in the middle of the shaft. They usually come in sets of three so experiment. Dont forget the 30 minute rule though...
So why do you need a razor? Well, apart from anything else you don't want hairs trapped in rings, its painful, and you wont get good suction from a layer of coarse pubic hair, so shave where it matters. And really gentlemen, can you see your lady getting pleasure from sucking on hairy balls? Get 'em off and moisturise with something like cocoa butter, trust me they love it...
So, you've tried everything and nothing works? A lot of pleasure can be given with fingers, lots of kisses and hugs but if you both still want the feeling of penetration slip on an artificial penis and get pumping!