Let's face it, every man occasionally gets a problem with an erection. It can be caused by late nights, too much beer or just because your not in the mood. It could even be that youre not attracted enough to the lady you're with. Try as you might the little fella wont budge, but chances are, come the morning, he'll be waking you up in the morning ready for action. The worst that you'll have had happen to you is hurt pride and the knowledge that the rose tinted glasses you were looking through werent giving a true picture.If you let the matter rest, you're not only risking your health but psychological factors will start to take over and it will just make matters worse.

Problems come when this starts happening a little too often. Even young men can be afflicted by diabetes, (some 6% of the population is) or a variety of complaints that can cause a reduction in the strength of an erection. Erectile dysfunction is very often caused by illness, so the first thing to do is see a doctor. Yes, we all know its pretty demeaning to go to a surgery knowing you've got to spill the beans on your sex life but its better than discovering too late that you have an illness that is potentially life threatening.

Imagine how your partner is feeling. He or she is probably wondering where the spark has gone, or worse still that you are not attracted any more. Intimacy is an essential part of any relationsship but you probably havent even mentioned the problem. Stupid, eh?

Age is a big factor, but if your only 30 and think you still have the sexual power of your youth read this:)

At about age 30, men begin to produce less testosterone, although testosterone levels vary and some 70 year olds have testosterone levels that match the levels found in some 30 year olds. While the decline in hormone levels is gradual, it can still lead to very real physical effects. Symptoms of andropause (male menopause!) include:

  • lack of energy
  • lower sex drive
  • decreasing strength and endurance
  • mood changes
  • erections that are less strong

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